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Inspection – Assessment - Investigation – Training


BMV Training delivers effective and bespoke cyber and physical security reviews, inspections, investigations and training services across both the public and private sector. Whilst the word ‘security’ can conjure up images of overt and often intimidating visible deterrents, we offer a discreet and proactive approach, ensuring the reputational integrity of your organisation is maintained.

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Our team has extensive and high-profile operational experience within law enforcement, military, UK government and commercial business, throughout the UK and the Channel Islands.

We are extremely proud of our reputation as credible experts who will always go the extra mile to offer honest, effective support to enhance the cyber and physical resilience of your organisation. 

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The risk of data leakage is omnipresent, so we go way beyond simply addressing vulnerabilities with technical solutions. In addition to essential cyber security protection, we assess and advise on the much wider threats; presenting holistic options to protect your staff, business, reputation and clients.

“Think wider than cyber”

Cracked Concrete Wall

To find out more about who we are, what we do and how we can support you, please contact us

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